We are looking for...

... talented people and hope that you are one of them.

You have

  • At least 5 years of documented experience from working with training in sale and leadership.
  • A Bachelor's degree or similar.
  • A pragmatic view on training and learning.
  • An open mind and curiosity towards modern approaches to learning.

You are

Prepared for 80-120 days a year in a classroom, working with international clients on all levels. Familiar with the usual models and theories, but are more interested in what works in practice. A good listener that master the ability to adapt your approach to your audience. Fluent in English. Fluency in any other major language is a big plus.

You can

  • Work on several different arenas.
  • Adapt your approach to the audience.
  • Give insights on sales and sales leadership to customer service as well as executive managers.

You want to

Learn more about what actually helps sales people and sales managers to perform better in their everyday work.
Develop in your role as sales consultant.
Help us manifest our position as world leading in Blended learning.
Challenge the traditional views on learning and explore how to meet the requirements of modern sales people and sales managers.

We would love it if you could

Offer an exciting background. We love diversity, since it helps us to develop.
Share examples of when you have helped customer develop, change and grow through training.

We are not interested in someone who

Knows all the theories and models, but not how they are applicable in practice.
Has a well-rehearsed driving schedule and is not willing to tear it up in order to adapt to the audience.

Welcome to send your application to:  prod-group@intermezzon.com