Your most important asset – skilled employees

A company’s success rests in the hands of the employees – they are the one’s creating the product or service you offer. Training your coworkers is not only beneficial for the coworkers themselves, but serves as development for your entire business.

Competence drives revenue

Why is training and developing your coworkers’ competence so important? Higher revenue through means of better sales technique or more efficient product could be one of the answers.

We regard the development of the employees itself as one of the major benefits. In a highly competitive field it’s the competence and knowledge of your staff that is the most difficult to mimic. Your unique set of skills could in other words be your most important competitive advantage.

Employee motivation

When people rank what factors are crucial for them to enjoy and appreciate their working place, getting along with and feeling affinity towards colleagues along with a salary perceived as fair are all important factors. Also high up on the list is personal development. If we feel that our employer is investing in us, in terms of trainings and development, this not only motivates us to continue our to grow and develop, but it also increases our affinity towards our working place.

Flexible trainings on your terms

Regardless of whether you’re planning a major effort to develop competence within your business or want to focus on a smaller area Intermezzon has a long experience in providing suitable solutions.

Realistic simulations

We create trainings participants can take whenever it suits them to minimize interruption in their daily work. With engaging interactive e-learnings we provide your coworkers with the essential information that we also let them practice using in realistic scenario based simulations.

Measurable results

We know our trainings are effective. We give you the tools to not only measure all participants’ results but also see how they develop their competence and skills.

Together with our experienced trainers we put together courses where we combine class-room sessions, through webinars or on-place when possible, with digital trainings, e-learnings and other types of online material.

  • Self-assessed knowledge prior to course start 80% 80%
  • Measured knowledge at course start 45% 45%
  • Certified knowledge after finished course 90% 90%
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How would you like to start your learning journey?

Jenny Falkman would love to talk to you about that. She is a specialist in learning journeys and how training can create revenue for your business.