Measure real knowledge? Easy.

Developed with your entire organization in mind. Create basic or advanced training programs and target them to the right group and role. Keep track of coaching and measure competence with clear graphs and easy-to-use functions that really work.

A powerful LMS that is easy to use

— For both employees and administrators

Palms is an easy-to-use LMS that works stand alone or can be integrated with your existing systems.

We have trained thousands of people so we know what works and what doesnt. Learning theories and processes have their points, but the real challenge lies in implementing them in your everyday life, in your meetings with customers and employees.

MS Palms

A learning platform for digitized, measurable competence development

Palms LMS is a learning platform for organizing and following up digitized competence development, virtually or live with digital support, where several users have access to the same information 24/7.

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Palms makes it possible

Blended learning

Mix learning environments. From physical classrooms to digital components for an optimal learning journey.

Custom content

Custom made courses and interactive content made to your needs and learning objectives.

Ready-To-Go Courses

Streamline training by mixing ready-to-go material in leadership, sales and coaching.


Train in realistic situations in a virtual environment and get feedback from a personal coach.

Unique measurability

In Palms, participants can perform self-assessments which are followed up with knowledge tests, this gives us data about the participants’ real skills and knowledge gaps. A unique measurability where training can be adapted to needs and goals.

Competence development can be tracked in Palms, which both inspires and motivates.

Is Palms a good fit for you?

Palms customers can be found in a number of different industries, including finance, leadership, sales, business acumen and service. We deliver solutions to medium-sized and larger organizations.

As many of our customers hire us for our key expertise in leadership, sales, business acumen and service, Palms is a good choice those who want to work with the following:

Custom made programs
  • Adapted to your goals, products and challenges
  • Practice meetings with e-simulation
  • Motivate and engage with interactive exercises
  • Test the knowledge level
Product training and launches
  • Communicate the crucial functions and benefits with a new product or service
  • Communicate in a cohesive way about a product to the ENTIRE organization
  • Practice talking to customers about a product – understand how it meets the customer’s needs
  • Reach the right people within your organization at the right time for the greatest impact
Onboarding and introductory training
  • Communicate vision, strategies and way-of-working
  • Attract and retain the right people
  • Everyone gets the same information at the same time
System trainings and specific subjects
  • The right knowledge for the right employees
  • Exercises that make complex systems more tangible
  • Engage through interactive exercises
  • Test the knowledge level