Blended Learning

It’s a popular term, that an increasing number of trainers are using. The challenge is that few can define it.

Our Blended Learning is more than just a couple of uploaded video clips and a simple web animation. In our programs we analyze knowledge gaps and adapt each individual part of the training program to the participants competence and experience. 

A concrete example of this is that we always run e-Simulations together in the classroom or webinar trainings. It is a powerful way to translate different types of behaviour into practice and discuss pros and cons. Our Blended Learning is based on 4mat.


We have worked with Blended Learning since 1998 and know how the combination of classroom training and e-Simulations gives maximal effect  to a training. The participants can prepare, read up and test their knowledge before the classroom . We measure competence gaps, also in behaviours. This allows for the training to be adapted. Our Blended Learning covers all learning styles and makes more in-depth training in the classroom possible. This gives maximal effect, long lasting effect and concrete results in every day work. Measurably!

With Blended Learning our customer get maximal effect from their training investment. Regardless of subject. 

Create your own training program with Intermezzon Blended Learning according your needs and desires. Here's some example of how you can package the training program within different areas.


  • SALES PERFORMANCE- e-Simulation (3 modules) and theory (assessment, training and certification)

  • BEST PRACTICE SALES - sales handbook

  • Classroom training with Intermezzon certified consultant. Practical exercises and role plays, mixed with inspiring lectures. Examples of focus areas: Key Account Management, meeting booking, sales planning, MBTI.

  • Coach support by Intermezzon certified consultant (phone, webinar or in your customer meeting)

Sales Coaching och Leadership

  • BEST PRACTICE SALES MANAGEMENT - sales management handbook (assessment, training and certification)

  • RAC TALK - e-Simulation (assessment, training and certification)

  • JOINT VISIT - e-Simulation (assessment, training and certification)

  • Classroom training with Intermezzon certified consultant. Practical exercises and role plaus, mixed with inspiring lectures. Example of focus areas: coaching, feedback and leadership in practice, motivational factors, territory management.

  • Coach support by Intermezzon certified consultant (phone, webinar or at your workplace)

Presentation skills

  • 5 films on presentation skills (2-3 min / film)

  • Best Practice Presentation Skills - e-Learning

  • Classroom training with Intermezzon certified consultant. Focus on practical exercises.

  • Coach support by Intermezzon certified consultant - upload recording of your presentation and get concrete feedback, or we will help you with your most important presentation.

Result guarantee

Blended Learning is our guarantee that the competence investment will generate measurable results. Large international listed companies that chose us don't just increase customer satisfaction and sales - they can also measure the bottom line effect.