An engaging way of training

Forget old myths about digital learning. Good e-learning is engaging. It activates the participant and lets them interact instead of just simply being fed information. An e-learning invokes interest, informs, creates interactivity and teaches the participants HOW to use their newly gained knowledge in their everyday work.

E-learning with Intermezzon

Mobile learning

Our e-learnings are responsive to fit all kinds of devices such as desktops, smartphones and tablets. This lets yohu take your training when you want, where you want, when you have the possibility and when you need it. Knowledge is available everywhere today, but we know how it’s packaged to suit your purpose and needs.


Experience based

What creates interest and engagement? How do you maintain interest and focus? We are interested in the driving forces that create better learning and we’re constantly developing our pedagogical approach. To stimulate all senses, create differentiation, interactivity, drama and gamification are only a few examples of the methods we use.


Digital training