Bernice McCarthy's model 4MAT.

INTERMEZZON BLENDED LEARNING is founded on the 4Mat-model. A common setup could look like this:

  1. Introduction (webinar or video) - WHY
  2. Theoretical background (e-Learning) - WHAT
  3. Practical training (e-Simulation) - HOW
  4. Apply in practice (classroom training and continuous coaching supported by PALMS) - HOW in practice

in order for reach change with individuals with different qualifications you need to give several answers to the same question. 

Some need to understand why they should train or act differently (WHY). Others focus on the theory and method (WHAT). A third group wants to train in practice (HOW) and know how it's done. The fourth group wants to know how the knowledge is applied in everyday situations and in other areas (HOW in practice).



The foundation for our pedagogy

People percieve and handle new information in different ways. The INTERMEZZON pedagogy covers all learning styles.  

Most trainers can explain WHY you should learn something. They will most likely continue by explaining WHAT you should learn (in theory). Some can then exemplify and perhaps run a couple of role plays in order to also explain HOW (practically). Few, if any, will then take it out in practice (HOW in practice) so that you are able to utilize your skills over time.


All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.
— Leonardo da Vinci