Intermezzon provides SKF with Global Sales Training

25 sep | 2017

Train SKF’s global sales force at all levels, to become world leading in understanding and developing our customer’s needs. This prestigious task was given to Swedish company Intermezzon. The result is at this moment rolling out in Sweden, USA, China, Germany, Italy and many other countries across the world.

Last fall, SKF: s 350 Sales- and Country Managers underwent a 4-month sales leader program – and they gave the program thumbs up right away.

“This is the first time we at SKF have applied a common Sales- and Sales coaching methodology for all our Account Managers and Sales Managers. This development, in combination with a serious and practical training concept, regardless of region or business area, gives us a strong fundament to build on and further increases our competitiveness”, says Michael Crean, Sales Director, Industrial Sales, SKF Western Europe.

A critical success factor, is that Michael Crean himself and others of SKF top management, drove the development and had a close collaboration with Intermezzon.

The feedback from the participants in the different countries has so far been overwhelming.
“The best training I have ever taken, and I have probably been in ten sales training courses in my 30-year career”, Dave Southam, Account Manager at SKF Canada says.

It’s an ambitious training program, combining modern and traditional ways of learning. Classroom teaching makes out the bigger part, but to measure the effect and create even bigger possibilities for practical training, each program is blended with e-learning and e-simulations during three to four months. In the simulations, Sales Managers are given a chance to try out what they’ve learned in the classroom in practical scenarios. In the same way, Account Managers get to train in challenging sales situations, making them better prepared when facing their actual customers in real-life.

“Instead of focusing on too many theoretical concepts and models of management, we’ve tailor made a practical skills training program for the individual in HOW to sales coach and create value with and through others. There is hardly a lack of sales and leadership theories out there, the challenge is teaching how you do it in practice. This is where Intermezzon offers something unique and that’s why SKF choose us”, explains Ulf Larsson, Vice President at Intermezzon.

When the SKF sales force have finished the courses, it doesn’t mean that the training program has ended. Intermezzon’s line of training programs offers measurable results. Sales management – and the top management – can easily overview which areas the coworkers have reached a satisfying level, and where more training is needed.

“This has been a close cooperation and an active participation from SKF top management as well as sales agents and their managers in different regions”, Ulf Larsson concludes.

This will be followed with a seminar this fall, where respresentive from SKF will tell us about the results and effects of the Global Sales Training.

About Intermezzon:
Intermezzon released the first computer based sales simulator on the market in 1998. Today, over a million managers and coworkers have completed Intermezzon’s class room programs or e-simulations. Intermezzon has provided change projects as well as sales- and management programs to some of Sweden’s most well-known companies and enterprises such as Telia, Ericsson, Swedbank, Handelsbanken and Volvo.