In 1991 INTERMEZZON started out as a traditional consultancy firm and is today world leading in Blended Learning focusing on sales and leadership training.

10 - 20%

We offer result guarantee for our customer's competence and improvement investments.

1 million

Over 1 million managers and co-workers measure competence and results in PALMS


Our vision

In the beginning of our journey we stood many hours in the class room. Soon we saw a pattern. The Monday after the course, the participants were back on square one and the change never happened. The vision became clear - we wanted to change the way we learn. In 1998 Money Maker was created and the first computer based sales simulator on the market was born. In 2007 we saw the next need on the market – to be able to measure the effect of the training. Together with our customers we have developed PALMS, the only tool on the market for Learning & Performance Management. We are continuously launching new versions. And we are just getting started.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
— Benjamin Franklin